Laszome partners with Scudeira Ferrari

In Formula One, cars make pit stops with the primary purpose of changing tyres. 

One strategy commonly used in Formula One pit stops is the 'undercut' involving two cars battling for track position. In this strategy, the car behind makes an earlier pitstop than the leading car; if successful, the car behind should be able to utilize the advantage of having fresh tyres to gain or even overtake the car ahead by the time they pit.

The most important thing at this time is to be 'fast and perfect'

That is the reason why Laszmoe is the partner of Scuderia Ferrari.


Ferrari has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the 36th time. The win was taken by the 488 GTE fielded by AF Corse and driven by Alessandro Pier Guidi, James Calado and Daniel Serra. The victory is the 27th class win for the Prancing Horse, in addition to nine outright wins, the first one clinched 70 years ago at the hands of Luigi Chinetti and Lord Selsdon in the 166 MM bodied by Touring.

Laszome is proud of the partnership with Ferrari GT Competizione.

One of the great iconic names in motorsport with the power to unite an entire country and millions of fans from all over the world: the Scuderia Ferrari – the most successful team in the history of Formula 1 – turns 90 in 2019. An anniversary that the Ferrari Museum in Maranello has decided to mark with a major celebratory exhibition.

Museo Ferrari is a Ferrari company museum dedicated to the Ferrari sports car marque. The museum is not purely for cars; there are also trophies, photographs and other historical objects relating to the Italian motor racing industry. In addition to that, the exhibition introduces technological innovations, some of which had made the transition from racing cars to road cars.

It is located just 300 m (980 ft) from the Ferrari factory in Ferrari's home town of Maranello, near Modena, Italy.

Laszome is also proud of the partnership with Museo Ferrari.